Theme: Immigrants

Leaves in Wind

Breeze cunningly sneaked through branches over twigs
caressed bewildered buttocks of bantling bud
clutched onto mother's breasts
tickled tiny feet, neck
green still admixed with pale pink complexion

She was babe then
frisky as blade waited eagerly
on twig on branch on tree
disported every morn with wind
teased flowers

Glands secreted strange concoction
cut life from life without kill
transmutation not so visible
profundity immensity yet not lacking

Wind fondled bosoms
whispered tales of ecstatic pleasures
indulgence of gandharvas, kinnaras beyond planes on mounts
fragrant bodies were said to share soft palpitations
moist respirations
to coyly whisper sensuous laughter

Youthful fancies enkindled
leaf held hand of wind
floated in sky over planes onto mounts

Trail to twig
to branch
to tree
was lost forever


More By  : Dr. Raj Vatsya

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