Theme: Happiness



Happiness is within you -
It's a state of mind -
And it's within view:
Look and you'll find.

Go outside and you'll see
A robin singing away;
It's truly free,
And serenades this day.

It has no worry;
It has no sorrow;
It's in no hurry
To see tomorrow.

It's happy alone -
Joy it's tweeting;
Sadness it hasn't known -
Merry is its greeting.

A robin will teach
Something sublime for free:
Happiness is within reach -
Go outside and see.


More By  :  Kulbir Bhalla

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Nathmalji,

I appreciate your words & poem.

You are one with the infinite, and see Him in everyone. Your appreciation for Him flows to others you come across. May your love continue to flow. Best regards.

20-Jun-2013 09:53 AM

Comment Kulbir Ji,It is very difficult to write a poem,when we want.It sometimes flows out automatically like a stream from our heart's corner.So please excuse me.
"It is true,June is the hottest month of the year.
People are bewildered,due to hot atmosphere.
Fans and coolers don't work properly or clear.
Robin is appeared in season our home's near.
He is singing a sweet song for others to cheer.
It is giving a message of happiness to all, veer.
Those who open mind's window,get peace rear.
Innocent bird sings with its full strength,no fear.
Please comeout in open,look & listen O! my dear.
To involve always in problems is not life,a mere.
So comeout inner to enjoy song which is queer.
If you delayed,It is possible, robin may disappear.
Follow the sweetness of bird,it poet's true pioneer.

Nathmal Sharma
20-Jun-2013 08:05 AM

Comment Good to spread happiness, smile and laughter.

19-Jun-2013 00:47 AM

Comment Nathmalji,

The credit for the lovely photograph goes to Aparnaji.

Thanks for your kind words of appreciation. Glad you liked it. Will strive for more.

18-Jun-2013 11:02 AM

Comment Lovely photograph for lovely poem.Robin is tweeting with it's full of strength as the poet is reciting or operating his words by a musical opera with proper
rhythm.Happiness is resting within us.The robin is awaking it by it's loud calling.Those who will shut the windows & doors of their minds,will not enjoy
happiness.In this way robin is a representative of God ,that has brought a
message for humanity to awake happiness & peace,so people may release
tension and enjoy the singing of the bird.Kulbir Ji,very simple ,sweet,beautiful
and heart touching poem it is.A lot of thanks.I bow to your wisdom."dete rahiye,dete rahiye.aisi achhi-achhi kavitayen dete rahiye." Again thousands
of thanks.I promise to submit a little poem later on it

Nathmal Sharma
18-Jun-2013 08:53 AM

Comment Rupradhaji,

keep your window open - I'll be outside tweeting.


Thanks for your warm appreciation.

18-Jun-2013 07:55 AM

Comment Excellent! And so full of pearls of wisdom! Yes, happiness indeed is a state of mind. Thanks for sharing this lovely poem Kulbir.

Padmaja Iyengar
18-Jun-2013 00:03 AM

Comment extremely good..u r my robin!!

rupradha mookerjee
17-Jun-2013 14:52 PM

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