Theme: Fantasy

Lucera's Regret

Lucera lays fresh freesias on the woodland grave
Of her fallen brother. Lucullus, legendary warrior
Of light lies here, enshrined beneath this mighty
Cedar tree; a guardian through the ages.

Lucera, adorned in her customary gothic black,
Wipes away her tears; tears of bitter
Remorse. For the day she defected to the
Dark side and allied herself wholly with
Addanaka, warrior king of Hell;
Was the day she lost her soul.

That day, Lucullus drank his last goblet of wine;
Specially prepared and given to him by Lucera;
Obeying the first order of the demon king.

The poison acted rapidly and destroyed this warrior
Of light; before he could even draw his sword.

A warrior no man or beast could ever defeat.


More By  :  Stephen Watson

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