Theme: Satire

The Mom of Today

The stylish mom of today,
Not rural, urban mom of today
Talk I,
Urban, modern and metropolitan,
Educated and sophisticated,
Talk I,
Hi-fi, bobbed,
Mod and stylish,
Doing hi-hello, bye-bye,

Not the rural, countryside mom of yesterday,
And she cannot be mom, but mother,
Though nothing to do with that,
Mother mother,
But the one of today,
Mom, mum,
Giving powder milk to drink,
Mixed and adulterated,
Of the camel, the ass or the mare,
That I don’t,
Of where and whose
What the expiry date?

The mom of today, modern, up-to-date and stylish,
Frank, fair and fine,
In a make-up and a dress-up,
Talk I, discuss I
The modern-age mom,
Wanting not to give the breast
To the new born,
Wanting not to breastfeed
As somebody has said to her,
It will lessen her beauty,
Oh, the modern mom of today,
Doing hi-hello, tat-ta, bye-bye!

The heroine, heroine-like mom, in the sunglasses,
Of the golden frame
And she smiling sweetly,
Smiling and talking
With the eye in the eye,
The heart in the heart,
Smiling and talking,
Opening the heart before
As in open heart surgery
Kept on the table and operated
And joined and discharged
And she going with the vanity bag,
The modern-day mom,
I mean the mom in the sunglasses.

Lipstick-applied, powdered and creamed,
The hair golden-golden
With the locks hanging over
Or coming down,
O, the beautiful curls sideways,
Looking pretty and youngish,
Hiding in the age and ageing,
Well-behaved, polished and spirited,
Painted, coloured and dyed,
Golden brown and beautiful,
Cheeks pink and balsam,
The creation of some artist,
One from the land of fairies,
A celestial damsel walking not on earth,
But on heaven!

A careerist mom
Wants she to be a beautician, a fashion designer,
An announcer, an advertiser,
An air hostess, a model, a travel and tour agent,
A saleswoman and a broker
Rather than a simple housewife
Without an identity of her own,
Living anonymously
Just as Mrs., the missus of someone,
Not having an independent existence,
The changed mom of today,
A European mom, not the Asiatic mom,
Nor the Indian mom, but an English mom,
Speaking English, not at all Hindi,
I mean Hindi in an English tone,
As the convent-medium boys and girls do.


More By  :  Bijay Kant Dubey

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