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Dynamic Heart

How dynamic the heart is!
It beeps restlessly for longer stints in cohesion
How broad the heart is!
Like a living river, it flows uninterruptedly
with wider ramifications in soul.
How deep the despair drenches
spreading smiles on its lips,
it dances delightfully in outward appearance.
When its joy knows no bounds
it restricts itself in many ways
and tries to control the feelings in wider angle.
Wherever there is a calamity, it hears it and starts
smouldering inwards without a trace of it coming out
and it takes due care in traversing the far off destinations too, without a hitch
and without waiting for the real cause and effect, it begins to wet its eyes.
Developing interlinks with all the physical components of the body,
it supplies blood in needed quantities and gets surprised
when eyes glance at and ears hear the sounds of alerts
and ultimately gets excited instantaneously.
While extending invitation to spring when on wings
and in bidding farewell to the autocratic autumn
and cajoling times during chilly winter strips
and finally in placing restrictions in controlling severity of summer strokes,
The heart does its job with an appreciable precision and gets laurels universally
being acclaimed from all zones spread far and wide.
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Image © R Purushothama Rao


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