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“In this decade, the media campaign on environmental issues has impacted the popular belief about a coming World War III. The foundation to affirm this belief is the impossibility of life without the vital element water; unlike oil, water is essential for any living being.” -  (28 January, 2011)

Water! Where Art Thou…?
Mission fails
Empty pails
Water wails
All round sigh
Ah, taps dry
Emotions high
Endless queues
Water issues
Often make news
Water Beckons You…
Water not found anywhere,
And not a drop to drink…!
It’s time, we begin to care
It’s time, we begin to think.
Where does all the water go -
Is what we first need to know.
Let’s learn to conserve and not waste
And save water with urgency and haste.
Why a running tap while brushing?
Use water-saver for toilet-flushing.
And that irritating sound of pitter-patter
Could be the wasting droplets of tap water…?
Set right that leaky tap
And tell the tanker chap
To stop that water trail
In which often boats can sail!
Let’s understand some simple facts
And perform a few sensible acts…
That can make ours a great city
Where no one’s ever thirsty!                                                        
Harvest Rain…
Let’s stop cribbing about water shortage.
While letting rains run into the drainage.
As the rains are wastefully flowing,
Our water woes too are only growing…
So, let’s all resolve to harvest the rain
And overcome water stress and strain.
Let the rain water not flood our roads
Instead let’s harvest it atop our abodes…
Structure installation - not too costly
Assures free water continuously!
Rain water is the Ganga from the sky –
Pure water that we do not have to buy!
Water is the nectar of life.
Treat her like a dear wife!
Do not take her for granted.
To serve whenever wanted.
She’s precious, she’s rare!
Conserve her with love & care!


More By  :  Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy

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