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The Shift in Time

 The Shift in Time, The Fair Morning Changing into The Golden Dawn
 A fine morning changing into the dawn time and continuing
 With Hari Om, Hari Om, Hari, Hari,
 Hari Om, Hari Om, Hari, Hari,
 Om Tat Sat
 With the rosary count or the prayer in whispers.

 A dawn beginning with the golden rays of the sun shining,
 The lotus petals opening
 With the dew drops,
 Pink, white and rarely blue,
 The sparrows chirping
 In the Vedic hermitage.

 The hymns from the Vedas echoing
 And they chanting mantras
 And the choric songs
 Engulfing all around
 After a bath into the holy river waters.

 The mind crystal,
 The heart lies pure
 And full of prayers,
 Everything but Hari-Hari,
 Hari Om, Hari Om,
 Om, Om, Om on the lips.

 They taking a bath in the river,
 Doing surya namaskar,
 Offering a potful of water
 And whispering mantras
 With the quivering lips.

 The sun rising and shining over,
 The red disc glistening with golden rays
 And the golden orioles singing
 And the saints the hymns from the Vedas
 Keeping spellbound with the pitches of sacred and sacrosanct choric notes.

 Hari Om, Hari Om, Hari Hari, Om Om,
 Hari Om, Tat Sat,
 What in my karma-dharma,
 Everything but His,
 What else in my hands?

 The red sun glowing, the ripple of the morning
 Yet to beak into bird sounds,
 The world awaking from
 And to gather speed and momentum
 And the scenes and sight shifting.

 The sadhus and sanyasins after a holy dip
 Into the river
 Doing their surya namaskar,
 The golden orioles singing notes somewhere
 And the psalms and hymns resounding from the Vedic hermitage.

 The shift in time, the fair and fine morning
 Full of solitude and serenade
 Breaking forth into bird ripples of music,
 Sounding breaking forth silence,
 The world arising from

 The red and glowing sun yet to glisten brighter
 And golden
 Sending forth the sunbeams,
 The sadhus and sanyasins doing their surya namaskar
 And the Vedic hermitage full of choric recitation.

 Hari Om, Hari Om,
 Hari Om, Hari Om, Hari Hari,
 Hari Om, Hari Om,
 Hari Om, Tat, Sat,
 Going with Hari in mind, heart and soul, whispering and going.


More By  :  Bijay Kant Dubey

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