Theme: Fear

Unknown Fear....

During a recent field trip
He found himself in the vice grip
Of an unknown fear
Away from which he couldn’t tear.
So much this fear gnawed his heart
That he would wake up with a start
At the slightest of a sound
That made his pulse pound.
At times we experience an uneasy feeling
That keeps us awake, staring at the ceiling,
Rendering sleep next to impossible
And clear thinking quite implausible...
An unpleasant experience of the past
Creates an impact that seems to last
Sometimes, for an entire life,
Causing much tension and strife.
This unknown fear clouds our decisions.
It makes permanent and deep incisions
Into our thought process and mind
That clarity is very difficult to find.
What is the genesis of unknown fear?
Does this question have an answer clear?
It is often the outcome of a past event,
That subconsciously affects our present.
If we manage to get to our mind’s core
And bring this unknown fear to the fore,
We will then be able to analyse
The unknown fear’s hows and whys...
Sometimes we may need a professional hand
To help us get into our subconscious’ land
And put a finger to the cause
That’s causing us so much loss.
Sometimes the fear may just be unfounded –
A non issue may be having us confounded!
So, quickly resolve the unknown fear
And lead a life of peace, joy and cheer.


More By  :  Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy

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