Theme: Separation

Separate Ways

Remember the time when you said you loved me?
I chose to believe you and gave you my heart.
You became the world, the core of all for me.
You were my life, of me an essential part

I entrusted you with my future, my hope
That our love would never falter.
But I don't know why you couldn't cope.
You betrayed me with the first comer

I tried my best to gather the bits,
To make a sense out of all the pain.
I suffered alone in waves and fits.
I cried, I screamed, I battled in vain.

But I soon realised it was too late.
No more did you stand as my precious half,
The one I felt was my soul mate
Had changed..... and not on my behalf

In a single stroke, you wiped away
All I dared to build with years of labour...
At one go, without any qualms, you cast away,
All the meaning I could ever harbour

I was revolted to hear the two of you,
Laugh at the sounds of my shattering heart.
While I broke for my feelings true,
You mocked at the anguish of my bleeding heart.

I thought... how could someone be
so cruel,
To be relishing at my suffering....
I was angry and I expressed my woe...
I screamed and let loose my heart, revolting....

I cursed myself for my blind belief
And I cursed you for your heartlessness.
I wished you'll suffer without relief
And pine with remorse and restlessness.

But one day I realised that in all this strife,
I never had you, for you were never mine.
You never accepted me as your wife
And all the efforts vain were just mine.

I was always alone but was lying to myself,
Denying the obvious that you never loved me.
To stay with you was a choice I made myself.
It was clear you never stood by me.

That day I felt so lonely and careworn,
All was so empty and devoid of sense
The huge shock surely my heart had torn,
But in all this my mind came to its sense

I stood and listened with detachment,
While all commented and advised me.
My eyes were opened with discernment
About what went wrong between you and me.

I knew that day, we were not meant to be
And all my fury, regrets, revolts and anger
Melted away as I finally could see....
And the revelations made me feel better!

And I knew that now was certainly the time,
To stop all this lie and go separate ways.
That we were wasting each other's precious time,
And that we stood better, separate in any case.

I know we'll never be together again.
It was too hard... it was too late.
It was now time we ended the pain,
And each one should follow his own fate.

Our daughter will remain the luxuriant fruit
Of a love too fragile to withstand the blows.
You chose a different path... I now choose my route,
Leading to a heart where love for me grows.


More By  :  Neera Lollbeeharry

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