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Jasmine Flowers: Soul Delights in Love

As I was passing by, got gently captivated and lured
by the fragrance of beautiful lovely Jasmine flowers.
The lingering fragrance carried me to the
Heavenly world of superconciousness
And magically engaged me for a number of hours.
The sweet fragrance of flowers
Also carried me gently into the world of
Wonderful fascinating romantic past
Where my beloved had offered me
these lovely attractive beautiful flowers.
His love was expressed
through his romantic sparkling eyes
He became my lover without any reluctance
Adding meaning to our lives.
So grateful am I!
As the sweet fragrance
for sure had made my beloved
forget all his routine tasks.
He spent his time looking into my eyes
forgetting himself, unveiling
and getting rid of
his routine wordly masks.
Flowers are the wonderful creations of God
The most precious gift to the world.
The natural beauty and the fragrance
Uplifts the lover's soul and
Unknowingly lovingly it carefully moulds.
Beautiful flowers, you have the magic and power
To make us nostalgically crazy with delight.
I would love to be here roaming in mad frenzy
To understand your magical luring
and obsessive might. 


More By  :  Mohini Gurav

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Thanks a lot Dr Arvind kumar Sharma for lovely compliments . Elated and honoured .. Thanks .

Mohini Gurav
13-Dec-2013 05:57 AM

Comment Flowers are always considered as the source of fragrance, sweetness, beauty, and all good qualities. Though much have been written, but you have a well composition on this unique thing. Appreciable, remarkable n well written.

Dr Arvind Kumar Sharma
17-Nov-2013 05:34 AM

Comment Thanks Pradeep Nair for flowing with the boundless flow.... So very blessed and lucky to have blooms in your garden...

Mohini Gurav
17-Oct-2013 22:51 PM

Comment Romance and Fragrance has got an age old connection.
Fragrance and Flowers too..

and fragrance of flowers uplift the romantic air..

man is a complicated animal....

I can smell jasmines everywhere...
and now, just outside my study window, there are blooms....

Brilliant .. there is a flow...... which is boundless

Pradeep S Nair
16-Oct-2013 15:05 PM

Comment Thanks a lot Padmaja ji !!!

05-Oct-2013 23:33 PM

Comment This well written poem is a great tribute to the fragrant, heart warming jasmine flowers that represent romance and love. Lovely poetry - nostalgia excellently captured, Mohiniji. Wow!

Padmaja Iyengar
03-Oct-2013 14:47 PM

Comment Thanks Dr Tidke Ma'am for your generous compliments. Honoured to get compliments from my Professor .Compliments are blessings in disguise which I need them as always. Thanks ..motivated to write more.

Mohini Gurav
02-Oct-2013 08:37 AM

Comment A very nice poem about an incomparable creation of the Lord........!

Dr. S.A. Tidke
02-Oct-2013 07:32 AM

Comment Thanks Sunanada for your motivating comments. Feel elated.Thanks.

Mohini Gurav
02-Sep-2013 09:45 AM

Comment Its really 2 good flowers are symbol of love which only knows to grow ,spread, sacrifice, 2222 touching poem . V. Romantic.

sunanda khandare
02-Sep-2013 05:46 AM

Comment Dear Bhagyashree Ma'am, Thanks for your generous compliments and motivational words. I am truely honoured and elated . Your comments have motivated me to write more. Thanks dear Ma'am.

Mohini Gurav
27-Aug-2013 10:10 AM

Comment Hi Mohini
good expression of overwhelming mix of joy and thanksgiving note for the creator.....I can recall Daffodils, Keats' beauty as a thing of joy and Tagore's sense of gratitude in a few songs of Geetanjali...keep it up dea...!

Dr. Bhagyashree Varma
27-Aug-2013 08:32 AM

Comment Thanks Prachi for your heartfelt compliments.

Mohini Gurav
27-Aug-2013 05:18 AM

Comment good one. This is what u r- a romantic person at heart

prachi rajhans
26-Aug-2013 12:00 PM

Comment Thanks Kiran Rakibe sir , Sachin Labade sir, Raju Mote sir and Dr Madhav Raul sir for your motivating comments and compliments. Your support and wishes mean a lot to me. Thanks a lot. I am elated and honoured . Thank You.

Mohini Gurav
26-Aug-2013 04:47 AM

Comment Nice one madam. Keep it up u became the Poet

Mote Raju
26-Aug-2013 02:11 AM

Comment Great Keep it, its really rocking

Dr Madhav Raul
26-Aug-2013 00:48 AM

Comment Congrats! Clever use of words. Wonderful job as a budding poet. You have a long way to go. Good luck.

Sachin Labade
26-Aug-2013 00:24 AM

Comment Reminiscent of Wordswoth's Daffodils !!!

Kiran Rakibe
25-Aug-2013 23:06 PM

Comment Thanks Sanjay Shinde for your compliments.

Mohini Gurav
25-Aug-2013 21:33 PM

Comment Thanks Bhaskar Jha Sir for your compliments.I am honoured . Your comments have truely motivated me to write more. Thanks for your support .

Mohini Gurav
25-Aug-2013 13:47 PM

Comment Nice One.........

Sanjay Shinde
25-Aug-2013 13:41 PM

Comment wow!! Amazing! "The natural beauty and the fragrance
Uplifts the lover's soul", being the most remarkable lines, touched me a lot....

Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar
25-Aug-2013 11:15 AM

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