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Life – A Paradox

by Jyothi Lakshmi B
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Dive into the depths of ocean
Try not to understand it,
But amaze at its secrets
Entangling weeds and gems.
And its vastness lies beyond-
Far, far beyond my reach.

How can I claim
That my grasp was full?
When I could hold
Only that my small fist could hold
But so wild was my wish,
To explore the hidden treasures
In those infinite depths
Of intricate human life
That I took pride
In my little knowledge
Of what I did see.

How silly of me
To measure its depth
With my small reference mind!
Realized a little later
The vainness of my effort
To study life in a nutshell
Before I knew it.

The different facades of it
Turned my face away
But to see there too
Not a pacifying sight
In the whirl pool of illusions
Desperate to seek the real
Lost myself in it
Which I realized a labyrinth!

How I wished
To break the shell
And see the pearl,
To tear that screen
Of the wide horizon
And seek the infinity...
But the more I seek,
The more it tantalizes me
With its inscrutable charms
And leaving me back amazed,
With a puzzling query -'What is Life?'


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