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Wasteland Imagery

Wasteland, Wasteland, O, In The Wasteland Dwell We!
O, where are we, no respite from, no relief from the heat falling,
The chill coming untimely
And the world reeling under
Sizzling heat, intensive heat falling upon,
Claiming over!

Nuclear radiation claiming lives,
The birds falling to death,
Death, death, falling dead,
The barren land,
The world turned into a barren land

Only with the cacti, the palm trees giving no shades,
The date trees,
The loo blowing hard and ruffling it all,
Leaving all sunburnt and suffering,
Flowers blooming not in spring.

And even if they seem to be drooping
Before they bloom,
The tender buds drying,
Half-burnt and smoked,
Oh, what a land we are in!
The dead land, came in the muffled answer!

In the dead land dwell we, in the land of the dead,
Of the stuffed and filled ones,
The hollow and shallow men,
The difficult personae
Of the difficult times.

No respite from, no relief,
The burning heat burning it all
And everything but drooping  and dropping down,
Sunburnt and abnormally hot,
Soaring up and sizzling.

Famine, drought, death and disease raking the lands,
Man a skeleton structure,
Lean and thin,
The bony mother giving the breast to the bony baby,
Weak and feeble, kept poorly.

Exposed, exposed to nuclear radiation,
The radioactive elements spread all around,
Food problem and scanty rains
And the rain clouds too laden with the black clouds
Of poisonous gases

And it raining acid, acid rain, acid rain,
Climate change
Telling upon the situations and conditions
As if to change the shape of things and the world.

Man himself liable for
His loot and plunder of natural resources,
As for his comforts and  pleasures,
Leading to this ruin and devastation.

Acid rain, atomic summer and climate change,
One coming after another,
One affecting after another,
Taking a heavy toll over.

The natural habitats lie deserted,
So the extinct flora and fauna,
The woods cleared forth and cleaned
And if this be the state, God knows what it to befall mankind!

None to help in the times of crisis and annihilation,
Nor even God,
Comes He not to help
In disaster and distress.

The parching earth and perspiring heat,
No respite from abnormal heat and sweating,
Panting and gasping,
No marked coming and going of the timely seasons,
Coming abnormally, going abnormally.

People looking up skywards
As to be thankful and be compassionate enough
If it rains,
The clouds bursting upon as the fresh showers
To relieve us by releasing the heat.

Just chant you, chant we,
Om shanti shanti shanti,
Om shanti shanti shanti,
Let the soul rest in peace,
Let there be peace and comfort of mind,
Let there be peace in the world!


More By  :  Bijay Kant Dubey

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