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The Corruptible Whistle Blowers

Many times, it is the corrupt people
who call others corrupt!
What they actually do not say,
they want a level playing field:
If others are making hay,
why shall I be left behind!
They demand that;
and they make a show of the whole affair!
Incorruptible just feel aghast.
They will rather keep quiet
and distance themselves from the rut.
For, corruption is like a contagious disease.
You come near corrupt practices
and you catch the disease.
How glib are these whistle blowers.
Just look around them,
the muck will show!


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Completely agree with your opinions Kunduji. But...I'd like to believe there will be light at the end of the tunnel...

Padmaja Iyengar
17-Sep-2013 09:19 AM

Comment I too would like to share your optimism,
had I not seen the ambitious
running down others so glibly
roping in gullible
by hearsay and slogan-mongering.

People who make money
quietly do so.

Money buys everything.

What we do is justified,
but if others act similarly,
it is nothing short of corruption.

A small percentage
do not complain,
just go about their work,
do not make much noise.

It is easy to create a smokescreen
of corruption
and go about one's vested interests.

If a rickshaw puller asks for a fare of Rupees twenty,
one is likely to bargain with him,
but a shirt at Rupees Twenty Five Hundred
from a shopping mall is welcome,
for one can show off.
It raises one's status.

A vegetable seller selling onion at Rupees Eighty a kilogram is a case for much hue and cry,
but it is passé to foot a bill of Rupees Ten Thousand
in a five star hotel.

One does not mind paying Rupees Fifty for a litre of water in a restaurant,
but Government increasing charges for supply of water and sewer line maintenance is a case for a corrupt government.

Padmaja ji, this scribe can go on and on.

Good citizenry, by their goodness
too are responsible for war that rages in the world,
for the rape and corruption
that make headline stories.

If one sits down
and jots down the causes and effects,
one will find
(s)he too is guilty
for the suicide of that Nasik onion farmer!

15-Sep-2013 14:26 PM

Comment I enjoyed this different take on whistle blowers that has a ring of truth to it! I would still like to believe (however romantic a notion this may seem) that some whistle blowers are honest and genuinely want the truth to come out - if they are allowed to...

Padmaja Iyengar
15-Sep-2013 08:40 AM

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