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Sanity in a Media Dominated Society

by Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
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When one opens any newspaper in the morning,
or surfs thru a television channel,
one gets to know what is wrong
with the city, the nation and the world.
Religious people will take the name
of some God, Guru or pray
that the day may pass off well.
But the newspapers report the aberrations
of life and men
and the black deeds of beastly men.
The truth of everyday life lies hidden.
One starts the day
with a sinking feeling.
Can a man be equanimous
with the unveiling of the devil
of life and living
as the day dawns
with a cup of tea, coffee and a newspaper,
or a television remote in hand.

The good people who toil
day in and day out
and keep the society greased
are rarely talked about.
Scantily clad women
and men playing all kinds of scripted antics
in mostly digital recording media
are the icons of today,
courtesy the media,
who do not report,
but often create interesting stories,
so the readers and the viewers
get glued and addicted
to the pages of newspapers
and the television screen.

Can such a society be sane?


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