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Life with Coffee Mug

Plaintive smile radiated
cohered on to shattered pieces
fallen to ground as satiated warriors

Fingers had flung to clench their ardor
their addiction
dream of ecstasy clashed with rays wandering
in search of preys
sly smirk teased still

Clay had lived in bliss for millennia
until artisan's fancy courted
figure formed
life took shelter

Lips caressed rim
tongue frolicked with moisture
reveled in pleasures that dwell in warmth
in bodies
in interiors
splashed droplets occasionally on to whiskers

Lives consumed each other

Yearning had not yet quenched
life not lived
youth still bubbled over

Passion gushed forth
fingers as cat
claws missed mark
by a measly millimeter

Coffee mug collided with reality
life was splintered in broken pieces

Moment had sundered past and future
Life with Coffee Mug1.jpg


More By  : Dr. Raj Vatsya

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