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Lifestyle of Mine

Day commences with a bright morn,
Mine begins with a big yawn.
hesitant to leave the luxury of sleep,
But I have promises to keep.
Snatching away my dreams, which are on its way,
Rushing through the morning chores in a disheveled way.
Somehow managing a decent appearance,
I plunge into the sea of office going audience.
Rush of traffic and loads of pollution,
Adds up to the already existing tension.
Hustle bustle all around,
The struggle for existence clear and loud.

Buses delayed due to reasons unknown,
Late at office, mind working out reasons to be shown.
All proved futile on reaching the scene,
Boss at the doorway welcoming us from within.
Eye contact made me stammer,
All my excuses vanished into thin air.
Realizing my helpless situation,
He gave options, to make a selection.

None of the latecomers had a convincing answer,
This made our boss burst into laughter.
Looking around the guilty faces,
He conveyed an expression of annoyance.

Out came his unusually heavy voice,
Leaving us stranded with no better choice.
"Culprits will have to return home,
For the wonderful discipline they have collectively shown"
An apology letter was the last, face saving option,
Finally it lead to an amicable solution.

Overloaded responsibilities of facts and figures,
Kept us engaged till late hours.
Exhausted and frustrated on my way home,
Making me feel dull and lonesome.
Finally home at 11'o clock,
No energy left even for a small talk.
This daily suffering makes me feel,
Being born as a human is not a blessing but an ordeal.


More By  :  Subhajit Sarkar

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