Theme: War


Funny thing with bullets, trillions of them are fired every year
hitting nothing, only pushing air aside for a brief moment.
Bullets are not birds that fly and have useful destinations, say,
catching insects. A bullet’s only purpose is hitting flesh and
it is not very good at it, but if there are enough of them filling
the air someone is bound to be hit. I saw a forest totally
denuded by artillery shells and gun fire, trees looked as hell's
kitchen, yet when silence came as it always will happens in a war,
rabbits came out of their burrows feeding on grass.

War is meaningless to animals, but noise disturbs them and foxes
seek shelter in ruins, eating whatever they find, that might be a
human eye or a torn-off hand. If a soldier only fired his gun
when he was sure to hit someone, I do not think munition makers
would be happy and tell a soldier to shoot and use his rifle more.


More By  :  Jan Oscar Hansen

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