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The Bell-Shaped Growth Curve

Since long I have been junking the perpetual growth paradigm
through my sayings and my poems.
The reason I always gave was the finiteness of the resources
of the earth.
Specially, I have been critical of the extra-terrestrial missions
of NASA.
How far and how many times can we send missions
to scouring truth of the birth of this universe?
Big bang to me has been an immature assumption
to unravel the mystery
of the existence of the universe.

Thoughts are such
that many people like me could have been subscribing
to my system and chain of thoughts.
I got my proof today.
Reportedly Mansoor Khan has written a book on the subject
of impossibility of perpetual growth
with finite world's resources.
Thank you Mansoor,
for bringing before the world
an inevitability of a bell-shaped growth curve.
You will bring sanity
to millions of peoples' thoughts.
We shall be wiser.


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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