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Lion of the Mount Everest

A Personal Tribute to Sherpa Tenzing Norgay (May .., 1914 - May 9, 1986)

In a remote village of Thami in Nepal, a 'Sherpa'
Was born in May of Nineteen Fourteen-
Who had shunned the world by sumitting the Everest,
That mankind had never seen!
Darkness in the field of mountaineering
Was illuminated and quietly spellbound-
By the brightness of this only Sherpa
That nowhere else could be found!
Later, the brightness became brighter
As he was growing up with the years-
And taught the trekkers how to climb,
By removing their hidden fears!

Brightness of this only Sherpa
Was watched closely by the God-
And he changed him to a 'Guru'
Of mountaineering with a very simple nod!
Thus "Tenzing Norgay" was born as
"Namgyal Wangdi" of the whole universe-
And became so synonymous in every household
Without any rehearse!
Through the years as a yak herder,
Mountain coolie, and a bearer of loads-
This Sherpa reached the summit and unveiled
The Everest with trekking codes!
The world ushered in the 'Tenzing Era'
To dignify mountaineering with his vision-
And carried on the expeditions to benefit
The mankind as a global mission!
Today, our beloved Tenzing is resting
In the heaven, but his legacy lives on-
And reminds his passions for trekking
On the mountains from dusk until dawn!

Hello Tenzing, please accept my deepest love
And warm respect-
Your absence is truly unbelievable
And really heartfelt!
The mountaineers will always keep
A 'special spot' just for you-
'Cause your courage was awesome
And draws the global view!
You achieved your spot through
Sacrifice and enormous toll-
And they are still vivid around the world
In every trekker's soul!
Via untiring patience, you landed on the Everest
On May 29th, Nineteen Fifty Three-
And pioneered the explorations of
"Chomolungma"* to set the trekking spree!
Your innocent smiles still stir up
The hearts of all-
And the mountaineers will remember you
Always without your call!

>From us today you are wandering
Freely very far away-
And offering us lessons
While keeping your mind at bay!
By summitting the "mountain without mercy"
You exemplified the human toil-
And proved, indomitable spirit against the
Fiercest odds, can win on Everest soil!
Your victory with Sir Edmund Hillary
To reach the highest place on Earth-
Is now being celebrated as a Golden Jubilee
To sink in the mirth!

Today, we float our happiest minds
In joy- moistened tear-
And display our affections for you, Tenzing,
Without any fear!
The trekkers will carry on your untiring efforts
With wide-open eye-
Without any set back or hesitation
And uncompromised vie!
The whole world has neatly placed
Your name on concrete stone-
And the HMI** is highly blessed
With every touch of your intriguing bone!

So before conclusion, I love to say this,
Although it's very true as it is-
You are the global ambassador for the
Sherpa people and an avatar of peace-
While your inspirations through spirituality
Will shine and we will never miss!
Your name is indelible with Mount Everest,
And forever will remain that way-
Irrespective of expeditions or success,
Your image will never sway!
You set your feet on the "roof of the world"
To hoist the flag against the coldest snow-
And made the history, as found in the Everest tales,
That we all learn and know!

Today, I salute your courage and sacrifice
To bring the mysteries of mountains down-
While we celebrate the 50th Anniversary
Around your birthplace and Himalayan town!
You are an inspiration to the aspiring
Mountaineers since your early age-
And the tales are found with your expeditions
When we flip through the history page!
You tamed the untamed Everest, just like the lion
Brings down a mouse, as a little prey-
To relish the moments in pomp and grandeur
With a ritual bray!
Tenzing, you are the "Lion of the Mount Everest"
And will be regarded forever that way-
While the trekkers will keep on trekking,
And their motivations will never sway!!!

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More By  :  Hillol Ray

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