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Yellow Ribbons Fade So Fast


Yellow Ribbons fade so fast
Alike acacia, yellow lush,
So zest and drive does neither last,
But wilts upon the bush.

Young brave freedom warrior
Returning from the battlefield,
Will he get the due succor
For battling and blood spilled?
Funds are allocated, but
For what? For whom? For who?
Some programs stay and some are cut,
Remember? Déja Vu?

Will these funds the veteran bless,
To prove due gratitude,
Or will his fate be homelessness,
And lack of care and food.

Post-traumatic stress disorder,
A label proximate,
As justice for the warrior
Who sleeps within a crate.

A Soldier suffers poverty,
Kenosis 'tis supreme,
Obedient until death is he
With the reward so slim.
Soldiers are obedient,

Forgotten quick his martyrdom,
And how he hurt and bled,
While chic countrymen at home
Get for the Opera clad.

Yet hordes come with impunity
Invading freedom’s land,
While soldiers fight for liberty
Fatigued, exhausted, spent.

Invasion from a border’s south
Make sacrifices nil
And vain and pointless are the blows
Sustained in fight and kill.

Millions come by day and night,
Just laws exist no more,
But none stands up to set things right
As they invade our shore!

But warriors stare in rainy mist
Or shovel snow - who cares?
Let déja vu! - psychiatrists
Attend the vacant stares.

Soldiers are obedient
Follow orders, risk their lives,
Their land and people to defend
In grueling battle strife.

Self-forgetting bravery,
Is the soldier's only crown,
So his people may live free
He’s willing to go down.

Heaped on warriors is abuse
By fat cat Senators,
And by elements obtuse
Reproaching warrior

Blame the brave Marine, reproach
Blame the brave marine
Warriors blamed by the cockroach
Or pundits asinine.

Lord be with the soldiers please
When the roll call bugle sounds
Or at the last bullet’s whiz,
Let them hear your Welcome call.

Yellow ribbons tied around
The poles, the bush, the tree,
Fall far too soon upon the ground
With no indemnity.

He has returned, came home, sweet home,
The one that fought and bled,
But all he loved and had is gone,
Salute the warrior Vet!



More By  :  Elizabeth Dandy

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