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Looking into the ball of future,
I saw a glimpse of hope flickering far in the sky.
Inside my feeble mind, a thought arose,
‘If Only I can be near the flickering “light”
To have a perspective of life on Earth?’
Oops! Here I am, moving around the sky,
Part of the clouds
Blinking often, I ensured I am not blind:
The flickering is bigger and more widespread,
I looked down to see my earth.
Darkness loomed around - in all nooks and corners
People with self-centricity,
Unscrupulous institutions sprouting all around,
The signs of wisdom - nowhere to be seen,
The flickering of hope turned into darkness of ignorance,
Illusion hovered around in majestic style – echoing all around.
I saw my people, groping in darkness
Living in a world full of paradoxes:
Believing firmly on illusions as real,
But, looking for the elusive truthfulness.
Back on mother earth from the “sky”
I shared my vision to all around,
I saw suspicious eyes, Friends becoming foes,
Kith and kin avoiding me - like a plague
With utter disgust, I went back to my inner-soul
To be all alone – to live in the real world of hope:
A world devoid of illusionary perspectives -
Will I be able to bring a paradigm shift?

Wrote in 1990 – Educational Institutions with Business in mind forgetting the basic purpose of their existence, newspapers becoming more “thriller” oriented than thought-provoking, the ethical world is moving away, I felt dismayed. Hence, wrote this.


More By  :  Baburaj Nair

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Comment Wish you all the best in your efforts to bring about the paradigm shift! Nice thoughts. Sorry for the belated comment as I missed this poem in the list.

13-Nov-2013 05:13 AM

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