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Live and Let Live

There is pressure for change all around us,
Traditions handed down from the banks of Indus,
Are forgotten with a new radical insurgence,
Hindus are asked to take a vow of vengeance.

For Hindus, is this change a new trend?
And does it for our future portend
New ways to practice, without choice
Or is it only a minority voice?

Other religions have laid down their path,
Of intolerance and mayhem and wrath.
But Hindu religion is not vitriolic,
To other religions it is sympathetic.

Now, where has Hinduism gone wrong?
When did it stop singing the peaceful song?
All we hear is of revenge, tit for tat,
And to incite violence with brick and bat.

Hindus are asked to pick up their swords,
Seek the enemy at home and on the roads.
In the bargain are killed innocents and all,
This would be Hinduism’s greatest downfall.

The wise sages laid down the rules,
Which, if we do not follow we are fools.
Look inwards to find your God, they said,
Live with morals, and earn a decent bread.

Let all religions be practiced as deemed,
Leave individuals to be redeemed,
By their God, and to drink their own potion.
Don’t all rivers lead to the same ocean?

Hindus are the leaders in introspection,
They discern God with contemplation,
But instead of immersing in meditation
They now are stirring, fomenting agitation.

We have forgotten the philosophy of a Hindu
And are now bent on learning how to undo,
The tenets and rules of tolerance handed to us,
We now participate in the entire ruckus.

A billion Hindus have erected a great democracy,
Have given chance for all other religious theocracy.
Philosophy of live and let live was always followed,
For Hindus harmony in life- tolerance has bestowed.

Now is the time for all radicals to disarm,
And the Hindu moderates to sound the alarm.
If Hindus resort to insults and blasphemy,
Indistinguishable are they from their enemy.

Time we went back to basics and re-examine,
In a manner thoughtful and sanguine,
Take control of our ship at the helm,
And not let the minority views overwhelm.


More By  : Dr. Neria H. Hebbar

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