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Incredible India

Boom, boom
The whole country blooms
It is Diwali time
The festival of colourful lights
Hail the Mother
Who vanquished
Devious demons of evil design

A rich country
Of poor people
As an old leader said
Past one and a quarter billion
Rejoices in sheer abandon
Deep into the night
Blazing their skies
With rockets
That flash, thunder and rain
Sparkles of every hue
That can be imagined

The firepower of the show
Ingenuity of its design
And the money that is burnt
Can perhaps put man on the stars

Everyone of every creed
And every faith
The poor as well as the rich
Forget differences
At least for once
And revel sans any reins

Luck this time
Has brought them a bonus
As Rohit lighted
The Bangalore skies
With his double ton of sixes
To vanquish the Aussies
In cricket
In a legend rewrite

The Gods have found the show
So irresistible
They enter the stage
North East Monsoon clouds
With thunder claps
And brilliant bolts

It is past midnight
The carnival has to end
Those celebrating victory
Of the Mother
Or their cricket team
Have to return to their beds
Stomachs overstuffed or inebriate
To snore the rest of the night
Right up to the morrow’s noon

But a frail old mother
Who loves her kids
Yet ravaged
By their whims and sins
Will stay awake
Worrying how she could
Herd them together
Put the house in order

And then in the wee hours
Before Venus calls
She will move towards
The Holy Ganges
Across the rocks
Against the winds
For her sacred bath

Dragging her failing frame
Gasping for breath
Supported by her tricolor staff
She will look at the stars
And pray for her sleeping calves

And that is Mother India
Oh, sleeping ignorant ones
Who of you would be there then
Awake and alert to give Her a hand
Say “Am with you mom”
And help Her embrace
The folds of Mother Ganges
For a holy dip of resurgence

To that one only India and Diwali belong
That one alone is heir supreme
For the Incredible India of our dreams


More By  :  Madathil Rajendran Nair

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Dear Nair-ji,

You have brought out the need for a real 'ganga snanam' for the children of Mother India. Wonderful sentiment superbly expressed. Thank you.

28-Nov-2013 15:04 PM

Comment amazing poem from your ingenious pen! loved the "spark" in the patriotic fervor! Kahin deep jale, kahin dil!

vinatha kumar
08-Nov-2013 15:55 PM

Comment Enjoyed reading this one !

07-Nov-2013 23:08 PM

Comment Very patriotic, Nair Uncle - and a nice and gentle reminder for folks who forget any duties to their country while scoring off victories of their own .. Some one needs to worry..

"...a frail old mother Who loves her kids
Yet ravaged By their whims and sins Will stay awake Worrying how she could Herd them together Put the house in order.."

Anu Krishnan
04-Nov-2013 13:26 PM

Comment Immense thanks RCN-ji and Paddy. I feel great in your company. Regards.

04-Nov-2013 10:33 AM

Comment Well written. I am with you Mother India. Jai Hind! Keep on writing Rajan Saheb.

04-Nov-2013 10:16 AM

Comment In one word - Superb!

Padmaja Iyengar
04-Nov-2013 08:25 AM

Comment Thanks a lot, Ru
If I may call you so
As Padmaja-ji does

04-Nov-2013 04:25 AM

Comment Thanks Baburaj and Rian.
Rian - Appreciate your poesy. It is fully yours and I am sure you can be a good poet. About Editor's choice - the editor is not a he. He is a she. Can't blame her. She is overworked doing a very commendable job, bombarded with poesy from all directions. But it is she who has complemented my works with wonderful images. I salute her, always, and thank her for publishing this poem promptly despite technical glitches at the website. God bless her.

04-Nov-2013 04:21 AM

Comment very nice..

04-Nov-2013 04:20 AM

Comment I will be there to hold Her hand
Join me Indians if you can
A new India awaits
Not for those who are asleep and inebriate
But for those who are alert and awake

Well done, Nair-ji. You are lending me your wings of poesy. You are the heir to the Incredible India. I am with you. Wonder how this didn't enter into the Editor's choice. Perhaps, he is asleep and inebriate.

Rian John
04-Nov-2013 04:12 AM

Comment a touching one, well told....

04-Nov-2013 04:11 AM

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