Theme: Terror

The Terror

Late afternoon they sat on the bus thinking of a good meal and TV.
A man entered the bus, knifed its driver and two passengers. The murderer
dropped his knife in the bus and waited for the police to come,
the remaining passengers stood outside and waited too, they cried
and were cold.  The ambulance came first, could do nothing; they
waited also.  Finally the police arrived, it took them fifty minutes which
must have felt as an eternity, arrested the man and drove him to jail.

A deadly calm, a surreal scene, but why had the man killed?

The mass murderer Breivik's crime was temporarily forgotten, killer in
the bus was a foreigner who had lost all reason, had been told that
his appeal to stay in the country had been refused. For this and to avoid
expulsion he had done this. He'd rather stay in jail for the rest of his
life than face going back to his godforsaken country. This type of
crime, however safe, makes a country horror strike as lightning.

A river of blood, shed by those who just wanted to go home, it leaves
peaceful people stunned and fumbling for an answer. 


More By  :  Jan Oscar Hansen

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