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It’s All about Money, Honey

by Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy
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Tapestry Poetry By Padmavathy Settuluri and Padmaja Iyengar

Money - by Padmavathy
Let not money be life’s sole aim.
Let it not be the only claim to fame.
Money alone cannot earn you a good name...
Money is a necessity.
Money needed for security.
But money cannot be priority...

Money should not be an obsession.
It shouldn’t be an object of possession.
Money can’t be a reason for transgression...
Money – by Padmaja

Oh, I love to have money around
'Cos it makes my world go round!
Money – oh, what a sweet sound!
When I have money,
I feel happy and sunny.
And go on missions funny...
No money, no fun.
Without money, I can’t run
And a milligram seems like a ton!

Money – Tapestry by Padmavathy & Padmaja

Let not money be life’s sole aim.
Let it not be the only claim to fame.
But oh, when money is around,
My world surely goes round!
Money is a necessity.
It is needed for security.
No money, no fun.
Without it, I can’t run...
Let money not be an obsession.
Let it not be an object of possession.
But when I have enough money,
I do feel happy and sunny!
Money alone doesn’t earn a good name.
Though not a priority, it's needed all the same.
Money – oh, but what a sweet sound!
It turns my milligrams into a pound!
Money cannot be a reason for transgressions.
But it does take me on some fun-filled missions!


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Comments on this Poem

Comment As usual, well said in your succinct style, KLulbir :-) Thanks :-)

Padmaja Iyengar
15-Nov-2013 04:40 AM

Comment Give all your money
To your honey -
Let there be no stopping -
Let her go shopping!

14-Nov-2013 14:44 PM

Comment Thanks a ton, Ru! You are always so encouraging and appreciative. Your positive feedback acts as a tonic for me.

Padmaja Iyengar
14-Nov-2013 06:10 AM

Comment very well-written Paddy!!

14-Nov-2013 00:11 AM

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