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Six Year Old Barber


When I went to a barbershop, the barber was a six year old girl.
I didn't know if she was a good barber but I decided to give it a whirl.
When she got done, I was appalled.
That damn girl shaved my head bald.
I got very angry and I called her some nasty names.
Her father heard me yelling at her and I got maimed.
He kicked my ass, his strength is beyond belief.
Just one punch was all it took to knock out my teeth.
That girl had to stand on a ladder to be able to cut my hair.
Her daddy broke my arms and even my W*ener, it was unfair.
The cops wouldn't arrest him for assault because the Sheriff is his brother.
I tried to fight back but my punches are as soft as my Grandmother's.
If that man assaults you too, you won't get any protection from the cops.
You'd better believe me when I tell you never to go to that barbershop.

(This is a fictional poem.)
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More By  :  Randy Johnson

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