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Memorable, Memory Lane

One fine evening, we went on a strike
Monotony of our schedule is what we disliked,
After speculations we arrived a conclusion
We hostel guys will go for a days vacation.
Views varied regarding choice of location,
Majority opted for a hill station.

Within an hour, we were on the way
To an unknown destination, which is far away.

The bumpy roads and heavy traffic
Made our backseat ride really terrific,
Villages and towns were left behind
Bus headed upwards, leaving plains aside.

All of a sudden, we came to a halt
Driver has detected, a major fault,
Midway in a mountainous road
We were left stranded without almost any hope.

Friends started grumbling about choice of place
Our tripped seemed to fall flat on the face,
Trekking was out of question
About forty kilometers walk in the darkness was a fool's suggestion.

Using our brains we started, walking downwards
Hoping against hope, for a lift upwards
A walk for an hour, left us exhausted
We were left with nothing, a point to be noted.

Suddenly piercing the darkness we saw headlights
Last chance this was to reach the heights,
As it came close, we pleaded the driver
We will pay him heavily, if he becomes our savior.
Once he agreed, we were overjoyed
Atleast we will no go back home void.

On reaching the top, he gave us a proposal
To stay at his residence, rather than a hotel,
Although some were suspicious, we agreed
Let us experience, if he is upto some deed.

He was an old man,
Equally old was his huge mansion
Elaborate arrangements were already there
As if a party was to be held there
Delicious foods of all varieties
Cannot believe our fate, still wondering whether it was reality.

After dinner, Bonfire was lit
We sang and danced with all available kit
Our program lasted till 4'o clock
Uncle enjoyed the most amongst the lot.

Opened our eyes on the spring bed
Those in which the British slept,
Saw the sunrise, with the sleepy eyes
Breakfast was served, with toast and French fries.
His house was antique rich in culture
Alone, he manages taking personal care.
Beautiful places he showed around,
As casual visitors, we never could have found.

Finally the time came to depart
No words to express, our gratitude we had.


More By  :  Subhajit Sarkar

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