Theme: Society

Fluctuating Fortunes

There was a brutal dictator, a strong man, who ruled an unruly
country with a steel sword that dripped of menaces and blood.
For a while he was our ally when he fought a war with a country
we didn't like; and we helped him with weapon and intelligence.
Yet there was another side to him, women were not oppressed
under his rule, they could dress as they liked and seek the highest
education. The Christian community too was accepted, and people
could walk out at night in peace; but he went too far, invaded
a country that was our friend. Well, we invaded and he was duly
hanged and few tears were shed. For the women, the revolution
was a disaster, no longer could they go out without risked being shot for
not wearing a chador and the Christians were falling over themselves
to flee or risk being killed. That is the way of the world when there
is an upheaval, the minorities and women have to pay the price.


More By  :  Jan Oscar Hansen

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