Theme: Satisfaction


Saaki! Just your look is so intoxicating! 
What will happen when you pour wine in my glass? 
A small lamp is enough to see you my beloved! 
I don’t care for a glittering row of lights
Yes! My Death! Here and now you are so beautiful like heaven. 
What will happen when I really reach heaven? 
Down in this world, all are friends 
All leave me with sweet memories
and I dream about meeting them again 
many times without fulfilment.    
Even this mirage is so entertaining 
What will happen when I reach satisfaction?
Even enemy makes me alert 
when I make a move haphazardly  
Lo! I even see angel hidden in the villain
What will happen when angel himself appears in the end? 
Even the thorns defend me 
They are ready and alert to protect my farm and house 
Why would I need this whole garden full of flowers 
When every single bud is so much full of fragrance  
Even twinkling of the firebug is quite beautiful 
What will happen in the shining night of full moon?
Saaki! Just your look is so intoxicating.
What will happen when you pour wine in my glass?


More By  :  Harihar Rai Jha

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