Theme: Faith

Lose Not Faith

One can lose everything in life but not faith on self
For, due to faith only all works are going on here!
So, whatever be the situation lose not faith in life;
Knowledge of circumstance will help to do all!

The time of one's life will not be the same forever;
Understand change in time and move one's coin
So that one can transfer risks to minimize difficulties;
That is the way to explore and win in any challenge.

Obstacles on the way obstruct free moves of man;
Stars and planetary motions control the mind of man!
So, free thoughts, speeches and actions are impossible
As family, society and the world are not controllable.

Pressed by family and business, men get no time to muse
And pursue one's own interest apart from all obligations.
Tossed between the outer and inner worlds, time passes on
Though the urge to do what one feels or thinks never stops!

Despite difficulties and disappointments life goes on;
Difficulties and worries cannot prolong forever for all;
Time changes for the better, one's life by God's grace;
So, best efforts at every stage of life will not end in vain!

This is the reality of life in the world we all live in!
Faith in oneself and God has to be had before everything,
But faith in others has to be had with care and concern;
For, cocksure men in talks are not often sure in action!


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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