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Politics is very Simple

by Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
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So! We have an Aam Aadmi Party!
Whose party is by the way
the Congress, the Bharatiya Janata Party,
the various Communist parties,
the various Janta Dals,
the Samajvadi Party,
the Bahujan Samaj Party,
and innumerable others.

All vouch to work for the common man.
But how they end up serving only groups of society,
as opposed to all?
Simple, voter simple.
Everything has a price.
Nobody gives you nothing for free.
Eke out, every bit of remuneration.
I do this for you, 
you give me this or that.

Why call other parties and their leaders Names?
Come, and sell dreams,
remembering that the dreams must be put on the anvil of reality.
If people give you mandate,
work for a while,
implement the mandate and retire.

Why stick to power?
One year could be enough.
Two years? OK.
May be three.
Do not extend much.
Play the tango,
and say quits.
Politics is that simple,
if we will to make it.

What is politics?
Giving vent to people's aspirations.
Just do it and get out.
Is that OK?
Or are you a muddleheaded nincompoop?!


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