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Dr. Zhivago

Nature yes, it does its own thing it will never be tamed and behave
in a predictable way. Outside mild rain falls there is no wind and
the weather is content, freedom from  Siberian frost...for now, but
when frosty days arrives, with ice pearls on your breaths and frozen
key lock in your post box, it is not fair to fault Vladimir Putin, he has
enough on his plate with silly girls dancing in churches and offending
good people´s sense of decency, and tax avoiding tycoons.

But of course whatever Russia does it must be wrong. 50 years of anti
Soviet propaganda has left its mark.

Islamic terrorists have been bombing and killing many people, this does
not cause stir in western press, some even thinks that the Russian ought
to treat the terrorists better, it is Putin´s hard line attitude that causes
this problem...The enemy of my enemy is my friend so welcome to
The wonderful world of double speak, treason and never ending scheming  
on how to mould Russia into an image of Dr. Zhivago.



More By  :  Jan Oscar Hansen

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