Theme: Environment


Ecologists forecast a world of oceans
Empty of life
A tomorrow when feasts of fish
Mock us with a faint history

And I'm traveling roads where
The deer live on patches of green
Caged in by highways
And the bears are on trial for
Being in their backyards

They said those seas that take me
To the deer and bears ' those seas
Will collapse by 2048

I could live to see this ' old woman I'll be
I know my children will and their children will,
Their children and those children

They (my children) ask me numbers and I tell them
It's as if I took their dollar and robbed them of their 90 cents
You see, I say, the ocean only has 10 cents left to spend

I'd risk my being to be a damn to these floods '
Like the flood I read in the paper, where the teen
Mom drank herself away in gin and drowned
Her baby in her own vomit

This is it ' Somebody is watching us at that bar
Like the undercover cop as AKA pedophile
Who had to watch a live cam
Before a rescue

The worse I hear is yet to come ' my worry for
The creatures ' His, the humans

I can't care to feel for humanity's sake because
They've become lions that carry the lambs
In jaws on full bellies

And I think my great grandchildren will only see
This all within a zoo
Where they're not sure who is studying who.



More By  : Dr. Christine Redman Waldyer

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