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Ungrateful World

Afternoon the sky was blue to the point of banality and
clouds are silk dreams are made of when I saw a rat
cross the village road; it was aiming for the overgrown
garden where the house is for sale.
Later the neighbour´s cat jumped through the flap
sniffed the air and stalked into the same garden as
the rodent. A commotion, a tussle, a faint scream and
the feline came out with a rat in its mouth.

With its catch it jumped back through the flap and
dropped it on the kitchen floor.  A high pitched scream
from the woman in the house, the door flung open she
had a broom in her hand chasing out the hapless cat.   
The mog jumped on top of a wall where it sat waiting
for the upheaval to die down; you can´t show kindness
to humans, here I´m catching a tasty rat for the lady of
the house and she hits me with a broom.  


More By  :  Jan Oscar Hansen

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