Theme: Democracy

Democratic Game!

Sans shame and sense go ahead with their ambitious programmes
Politicians of all hues whether the nation stands or falls in the world!
They have alliances with parties of diverse ideologies sans sense
Just to be in power till the end of the term to finish all selfish goals!

Democratic elections are a sort of game as gambling with bucks
Making people bid on the horses they like in the races one by one!
Likewise experimenting with different horses they learn lessons
About which one is better and which is bad or incorrigible ever...!

Gaining experience so at the expense of their own life and time
Lose all energy they have to survive hoping for the better soon!
But when that day will dawn God only knows in democratic world
Devoid of reforms and progress, people all dream long forever!

For all the gambling spree, only people are blamed for the losses
And not the horse owners in the races that go on again and again!


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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