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Migrants: Hapless Maladies of Misconceptions

With the introduction of human rights treaty,
Migration has been playing an active part-
To focus on human conditions around the world,
As depicted through audio movies and visual art!
The present era of globalization saga stimulates
The movements of people from one nation to the other-
And this is not something new; rather it will continue
For a better prosperity, compared to our forefather!

Poverty and inability to earn or produce enough
To support a family or an individual member-
Are the major reasons for migration, in search
Of a descent living, as long as we can remember!
But these are not only the characteristics for movements
Of jobseekers from the poor to the rich state-
Rather, dire poverty and opportunity also fuel the migration
For quick turn around and hope to change the fate!
From a distance, work prospects in developed nations
May tantalize the migrants to be much better-
While the initial sufferings of abandoning the motherland
Bring mixed emotions sooner or later!

So the questions may arise why people go abroad
In search of work or to fulfill the dream-
The answers will vary from person to person,
With individual strife entrenched in a scream!
War, insecurity, persecution, and better job prospects
Are one and only a few of the salient reasons-
Followed by discrimination, on the grounds of race
And color may cause migration throughout the seasons!
Religion, ethnicity, language, and political opinion
Contribute also to the rapid migrant flow-
While the tangible difference of etiquettes in adopted lands
Or xenophobia may protrude a severe blow!

Fortunately, the International Criminal Court (ICC)
Is now at the forefront to maintain laws and orders-
While it brings a new set of legal mechanisms
For the protection of migrants crossing the borders!
It exemplifies a global alliance for human rights
In action for a distant future and now-
Irrespective of the social standing, color or ethnicity,
With a deliberate protection vow!
On this precedent, may I express my admirations
For the efforts of ILO* to lift the misconception veils-
Of migrant workers, who have outshined
On their adopted lands with many glorifying tales!
Cooperation between ICC and ILO must proceed now
Hand in hand for global alliance and share-
And establish the rights of migrant workers
Under the international laws without a stare!

As a welder of peace and harmony, may I now urge
The needs to cherish the social diversity-
Of the global family and language, to foster
A sustainable world with human unity!
Tolerance between migrant workers and rest of the society
In the host nations must play a significant role-
And open a new chapter in the history of our efforts,
To establish their rights as a millennium goal!

Now we are living in the era of human rights,
And do acknowledge our common humanity-
But the hapless maladies of many migrants still lie in
Stark contrasts to the inspirations reflected by social vanity!
So, I deeply care about the migrants and urge you to offer
A new momentum to the ideology of human rights-
And let's achieve our concrete societal progress
Through their assimilations without the political fights!
Let their hopes, dreams, and contributions today
Be your inspirations and unconvincing excuse-
While I rehearse and stage the number of rapporteurs
For the global audience to commingle, dance, and muse!! 


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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