Theme: Life

Human Chronicles

by Rupradha Mookerjee
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Tornados of sorrows pushing me
Into a vast ocean of loneliness,
The ship of hope been drowned,
In the reckless tides of traumas,
Distressed I see myself as a sailor
Who can’t find any seashore!

The picturesque beach where once
The sun used to kiss the sands,
The waves made love to each other,
The breeze swept us off our feet,
That beach cannot be seen anymore,
Either I am blind or it is really dark!

Our story is not like a song or a dance,
There are no fairy-tales or magic wands,
Yet we all must love one another,
Unwanted people also we must meet,
For us to grow more divine and pure,
Facing situations unfavorable and stark.

Everything is written by the Almighty,
With ink so that we cannot erase,
We have to face difficulties boundless,
How else will we be part of the drama?
God says this is just a real life trailer,
With time we have to learn so much more!


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Comments on this Poem

Comment Dear Nathmal ji,
You made my day!! Can't thank you enough for this lovely testimonial. I am an ordinary woman writing simple poems, whatever comes out of my heart. I am honored to know how much you appreciate my average writings. I love your poems. Plz write more often. Happy Mahashivaratri to you & your family. May Lord Shiva bless you with unbound joy & peace!
With best wishes,

27-Feb-2014 13:22 PM

Comment Rupradha is a poetes of hope and thought provoking.We can frequently
read her on boloji.She is also a kind hearted person and faiths in God
and His desire.In present poem she beautifully expresses her views on life
which shows her deep contemplatation on various aspects of life.In some
other poem she tells us that human being is a puppet of God's hands.It is
really true.She has dipped so many times in the ocean of life 's up and down.
And now we can say her the poetess of love,despair and hope.I have very
much impressed with her poetry.She writes poems in true sense.With more
powerful expressions of emotions,more picturesque description.more optimist about her beloved.We can see her more satistisfied to accept God's desire in this poem.Really she is nice poetess.Every reader likes her very
much.May God Shiva bless her.Happy Mahashivaratri.A lot of thanks her.

Nathmal Sharma MertaCity
27-Feb-2014 03:24 AM

Comment Bhaskar ji, Madhavi ji, Kulbir ji, Kingshuk ji thank you so much for your non-stop appreciations..

27-Feb-2014 01:48 AM

Comment Life so well portrayed.........Like peaks, unavoidable troughs will also remain in waves.....Life will move on!

26-Feb-2014 22:55 PM

Comment Rupradhaji,

Deep, philosiphical and so true.

26-Feb-2014 11:43 AM

Comment Life well depicted.

26-Feb-2014 11:02 AM

Comment a beautiful piece...showing the unpredictable ways of Destiny in Human Life...

Bhaskar Jha
26-Feb-2014 10:16 AM

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