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They Call Me

They call me ‘stupid’, ‘dumb’, ‘fat’,
I shrug off, never mind, what’s in that?
They mistake innocence to be stupidity,
Their judging doesn’t change my integrity.
They think being quiet is being dumb,
To their words I remain comfortably numb.
They see my outer appearance, call me fat,
The inner loveliness they never look at.

They call me ‘ugly’, ‘timid’, ‘boring’,
I don’t care; in glee I am always soaring,
They consider a few extra pounds as ugly,
With their model-like figures they are smugly.
They feel being non-argumentative is timid,
To me being kind and polite is of much need.
They think not flaunting your body is boring,
Yet without exposing, my beauty is pouring.

Who are they to judge, to carp, and to criticize?
Just by the external appearance they fantasize?
Does inner beauty of the heart have no value for them?
Why’d we mould ourselves according to their claim?
We should be proud of what we are, of how we are,
I know in the infinite sky, someday, I’ll also be a star,
Whether it’s age or obesity, true beauty has no bar,
Your self-belief and willpower decide you can go how far!


More By  :  Rupradha Mookerjee

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Comments on this Poem

Comment You are not ugly but a beautiful creation of God. Because Your mother is more beautiful than any
other woman in the world.She is the most beautiful
of all women for you.Mother's Day is near on 11th
May.So wish you a happy Mother's Day ! Wish you
write a good poem on this occasion to gift her..A lot of thanks.Thank you very much.

Nathmal Sharma
07-May-2014 06:34 AM

Comment I think those people do not know the value of real beauty.

29-Apr-2014 00:13 AM

Comment thanks immensely Kulbir ji, Madhav ji & Kumar ji.

05-Apr-2014 08:42 AM

Comment Rupa, you are very right in your view on real beauty that lies deep within. External beauty does have an attraction, but it has no permanent value as it vanishes with age whereas the inner beauty and virtues grow more and more. We shall love you as you are, dear.

Kumarendra Mallick
03-Apr-2014 09:26 AM

Comment Radha Mam

Beautiful piece of poetry , they are stupid who call you fat or boring.Shakespeare said that the beauty is skin deep.Those who are blind to inner beauty don't know what it is. Really,You have a way with words. Cheers

truth seeker
02-Apr-2014 20:51 PM

Comment Rupradhaji,

I agree with you 100%. Be true to yourself, and stay the way you are - you have no need to impress anyone.

For outer beauty I don't care
When inner beauty is not there!

02-Apr-2014 18:13 PM

Comment thank you so much Nathmal ji!

02-Apr-2014 14:56 PM

Comment Rupradha Ji,This world is customer of outer beauty.Very high percentage is fond of flash.
They do not know someone's inner beauty.
Rarely ,one or two out of lakhs is interested
of inner beauty or love soul.It is reality of this
world.So we should not care about these
persons and do our work silently.It is extract
of human life.A lot of thanks for views about
beauty or "Satyam Shivam Sundaram".Thanks.

Nathmal Sharma
31-Mar-2014 14:51 PM

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