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I am an Oleander Poet

Sometimes the flow of life halts midway
The leaves of an awakened consciousness fall
And images of dreams and promises tall
In a heap of dormant blooms fade away
With no friends in WhatsApp or FB to call
I feel life is gall
Fragmented and broken I wonder and I wander
That moment in my deep heart blooms Oleander

The silver moon burns inside the lonely heart of rivers
Whispering voice in different zones and vistas shivers
Every day is special for an Oleander to bloom
Every night lonely enough to share the shadowy gloom

I am an Oleander Poet as my friend calls me
My soul dances in the orange sunset on the lea
Men and women in swanky malls and parlours
The press of humanity in noise and poverty.
I with my blooming yellow and red Oleanders
Feel ecstasy, contentment and really so happy.

One variety of oleander with golden pollens reflects a dream
When I reel under torrents of pain I weep and scream
I am inspired to reboot my sweet memory of the past
Life is a passing show with no glorious moment to last.
The grey sultry evening with music in silence
Sorrow has left deep in my soul a scar of violence
I meander my way slowly in the Oleander grove
As Oleander poet with Oleander I have fallen in love.


More By  : Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee

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