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Oh, My Gracious Mother

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Oh! Mom listen, you are really
Pure heart and true reflection of God.
Who soothes me every time
In troubles or various odd moments.
I think, none can take your place
In my life’s episode.
You have always been a shield
Against obstacles.
You sacrificed frequently all your
Joys and happiness to bring me up.
I salute you again and again, express
Heartily prostrating on the knee.
You are a ‘role model’ for me and
Have proved heaven of my dreams.
I am nothing without you, no cheeriness,
A desert without any streams.
I've always been inspired by you and wished
That may you be my mom in every birth.
God granted a boon in shape of you
For care, peace, bliss and mirth.
You have sympathy, kindness, service,
Pity and love key in my world.
For, you are ecstatic garden of my life
And I am only a warbling bird.
I am sorry for misbehaving but you
Consecrated me, in my every activity.
I wish, God may bless your shower
Of love thousand years, till eternity.
You bore so many difficulties in
My nurture and never properly slept.          
Unless I provide you shoes of my skin,
I cannot be free from your debt.

 (Specially dedicated to Rupradha Mookerjee and Her Mother because I got inspired by her poem "Mom" on Mother's Day 11th May 2014.)
Image © Nathmal Sharma


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Comments on this Poem

Comment Nathmal ji, I am ever grateful to you for this honor. The pic is very sweet, will check the other poems..thanks a lot..your appreciations mean a lot to me..

22-Jun-2014 11:27 AM

Comment Thank you so much RupradhaJi for your heartfelt comment.I blocked to write verse for a long time.I got inspired too much by your poem"Mom" 2014, picked up pen,paper and wrote this poem.Not only this but wrote five more poems immediately after
this one by one 1.In Search Of God 2.Conciliation 3.
Have We Civic Sense? 4.Side Effect of Love and 5.
How Nice Father,You Were ! From all these poems In "Search Of God" has published and it got place in
Editor's Choice for the first time.So a lot of thanks Aparna Ji. Remainings are under wait. Creation of
new poems, It is all due to you.So tons of thanks to you for giving me an indirect inspiration.God bless
you.Above photograph is a snap of celebrating the
"Mother's Day" at our home.My gratitude to you all.

Nathmal Sharma
22-Jun-2014 09:39 AM

Comment I saw this tribute to your Mother now, and my eyes moistened..every word is true, it's an excellent gave me goose bumps, and I specially thank you wholeheartedly for dedicating this poem to me & my Mom.

22-Jun-2014 04:44 AM

Comment A lot of thanks Madhvi ji and Jaipal Singh Ji for your candid words of appreciation. It is only feedback of
praise which inspires a person to write something new.And I think,In this way that person performs an
important role to push him or her ahead on the path of life's achievements.Hundred examples are of it.
Thank you very much.Regards.

Nathmal Sharma
07-Jun-2014 00:07 AM

Comment Well deserved tribute to mother coming right from your heart, Nathmalji.

05-Jun-2014 00:18 AM

Comment Thank you Mr Sharma for this tribute to a mother. Felt happy to read it.Sorry , for not writing one on mothers' day...I saw your comment and thank you so much.

04-Jun-2014 08:16 AM

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