Theme: Power

The Mind of a Ruler

Many a time I wonder
why rulers become so insensitive!
Once a ruler gets saddled in power,
why can't he be more humane?
Does he essentially become a screw
in a system,
which rightly or wrongly
hoisted him in power?

And why every ruler wants to continue to rule
till (s)he is forced out?

Actually, a ruler has a typical mindset.
He knows, in life, one has to go through alleys and alleys
to reach the crossroads of power.
Why should he go back to the starting point?
He had to choose his path
at every bend of the alleys,
others did not venture in.

So why should (s)he retract?

He avoided crossfires
in the thoroughfares of life.
Why should he therefore have qualms
about who gets killed in the crossfires
that raged in the thoroughfares of life?

Let others be killed, maimed and be damned.
It is the ruler's decision
to sneak in and out
and get hoisted to power.

Clever and wise guys rulers are!
Those be damned, be damned!
Who cares?!


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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