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Love is Blind

Love is blind, no truer statement was ever spoken.
I have pondered these
turning them this way and that,
looking from different angles to
understand the reasons
for the truth of the statement.
Is it that when you truly love someone
with that totality that consumes you,
you cannot fathom that
the person cannot be affected....
since your love has to be contagious?
Or is it that when you love so totally....
you view the object of your affections
through eyes that cannot visualize anything
but goodness, decency, and honor?

I've been advised to withhold my heart
until I have possession of the other person's heart.
But that's not love.

Real love is something that cannot be withheld,
it flows like the water
from the tiniest crack in a dam.
It starts off as an occasional drip,

soon a small trickle develops,
the trickle becomes a steady stream,
stream becomes larger,
bursting through the dam,
creating a hole that
becomes larger and larger
because of the flow of love
continuing through the opening.

So do I build
a strong,
impenetrable wall around my heart?
For if my love cannot penetrate
the walls come flowing forth,
neither could someone else's love flow inward,

warming my heart,
making my soul sing with happiness.
Or do I give all....

chancing the heartache and agony
that may follow;
in the hope that
my love will be returned?


More By  :  Sherrie Gore

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