Theme: Family


On an autumn nightfall 
dwindling rays at shallow angles 
wavelengths unscathed
spangled with changing colours 
from yellow, orange and red.
She came smiling, attire in scarlet,  
amid turning heads,
wearing the pale silky gemstone
from Burma and Siam, 
sparkle of life intoxicating minds 
waging in full 
the floral flames of passion,
from the flower of Eros and Cupid 
adorning her copious hair, 
rosy cheeks blush, 
as if splashed with 
their hypnotic flash.
She bent a little 
to the symbolic greet of  aarati -
spire of yellow flame 
dancing in a red pool - 
stepped in with the right foot first
with lighted lamp, 
eyes reaping the surrounds,
heart full with open-skied dreams.
As the floating crescent moon 
mirrored on the window glass
prattling of indolent winds
marooned for a while
earth was eclipsed by a cosmic cadence
and soon the earth and the night sky 
snoozed under the shroud of  rains.


More By  :  Pankajam K

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