Theme: Hatred

Gaza Burning

Gaza burns bright day and night, sans any succor,
While the world debates on and on,
The TV captures the sound-bytes;
It is a place where every poetic heart bleeds
For the young, the sick and the hapless ones
Condemned to die by screaming missiles
Dead on targets inside/outside homes & hospitals,
The pix look so familiar in a hate-filled world,
The wounded cry out in pain, while the dead, disfigured
And bloodied, are beyond that human threshold and crossed to
A different world where perhaps, peace and love and light prevail;
Their suffering is over but the living suffer the pangs of loss and
Lifelong mourning, while the depraved celebrate on both sides
Of divide, thus stoking fires of hatred via their mad laughter
And crazed eyes;
The fight will erupt somewhere else and another cleansing will
Take place, bombs will go off and murder and mayhem will be staged
Till every human that carries a bit of poison inside cleanses that;
Till that moment is realized and peace becomes a mindset
And is permanent,
Each fresh victim is part Gaza and part Israel,
And in the theater of war, it is innocence that gets finally killed.


More By  : Dr. Sunil Sharma

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