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I Still Carry On

Walking on this path I was tired and torn
My feet bleeding with full of thorns
But I don't stop to take rest
as even now I am full of zest
I see the light of this early morn
as I go ahead and still carry on.

Many were with me on the way
but nobody will be all the way
This way has many rocks and metals
but also has some flowery petals
I don't ask you to make my dreams come true
all I ask is the strength to make my way through
I walk till the sun goes down
and I go ahead and still carry on.

I see the trees go past me
The people leave who were with me
I turn behind to see my marks
and I wonder is this is where I wanted to be
I ask you to show me the light
So that I reach the place which is right
I ride on the high waves and sail on
as I go ahead and still carry on

I reached the place where I wanted to be
but it is not the end of the journey for me
Tomorrow will be a new day
and I will take an another way
I reach out to places I have never gone
as I go ahead and still carry on.


More By  :  R. Ravi Kumar

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