Theme: Love

Love Never Dies

Intellectually blind but emotionally alive
the heart of love never dies
Without love there is no life in the world
Because of love only the world goes round and round!

Love is as wide as the bright blue sky
Love is as deep as the dark blue ocean
So, love is as blue as Space and Time ever!

Love is world's great bliss
Love is world's great truth
And love is world's great power
Hence, nothing is fair or foul in love as in war!

Generosity is the eternal song of love in nature
That makes all beings survive, strong and sustain on the earth!
For, nature is bold, beautiful and bountiful in love
Nature's generous spirit of love goes beyond all barriers;
This rich power bothers about nothing
In giving everything to good, bad or ugly!
Trees, flowers, fruits, leaves and grass
Are bountiful as they are abundant in nature!

The sky is the mother of love beautified
by the bright Stars in the Universe
Like the mother, whose all absorbing love
embraces all her children,
Who beautify, safeguard and survive
her life in the world!

Flower is the symbol of love eternally
That beautifies the barren earth by its presence
And makes lovely the land by its fragrance!
Like ladies, flowers blush and bloom
in all their beauty and freshness
Just for the beetles to make possible regeneration
of their species on the earth!

Like flowers, ladies are there for beauty,
love and regeneration in the world
And so, without flowers or women there is no chance
for beetles or men in the world
To know love, learn love and lose themselves in love!

Truly, love blossoms between the hearts of man and woman
Making human relationships a great wonder in the world!
Naturally, man and woman are made for each other
To love and live perpetuating human species in the world.

Luxury or necessity, flowers are created in nature
To remind men and women to remember love in this flower world!
And perhaps for this function nature never allows
The extinction of flowers on the earth!

So, whether Cupid or Manmathan is there or not
To hit the hearts of men and women with arrows of love,
Flowers will go on blooming to remind men and women of love
And flowers will go on making love never die in this world!


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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