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I Think I Am A Gift

They say that I am gifted.
I think I was a gift.

No one I knew when I came
No understanding of pride and shame.
They wrapped me in a nappy, tight
And told me things were wrong and right.

I curved my lips in personal comfort;
They felt that it was glee.
I did not know till they told me
How private it was to pee.

I did not need more than my eyes
My collection of gestures more than sufficed.
They told to use the words that existed
Which conveyed my feelings, turned and twisted.

I told them how I was full of love
For flowers, animals and everything else.
They said, "But there are certain traits"
Which when I saw, I was supposed to hate.

They told me to bend when I saw someone
Who had come here long before I had come
And whom they liked and respected and all
"First greet your elders, then play your ball."

* * * * * *

I learnt from them, how to hate.
I learnt from them, how to state.
I learnt from them, how to dress.
I learnt from them, how to impress.

I learnt from them, about state and status,
The hidden implications, of fate and foetus.

They wrapped me tight, in rules right
Displayed me around, in worldly sight.
I struggle below wrappers, on their shelf
Trying to find, my inner self.

They say that I am gifted.
I think I was a gift.


More By  :  Saurabh Madaan

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