Theme: Love

Love That Transcends…

Two unlikely hearts intertwine,
First through language and culture,
Then passionate thoughts and love,
Separate worlds brought close together.

A black stallion, strong and majestic,
galloping by the edge of the ocean.
Ripples in the sea, pristine and clear,
spectacular to any observer,
glistening in the sunlight.
A silver Swiss Army Knife…intricately designed,
helpful in every situation.
A heart of gold, captivating and charismatic,
selfless to all, overflowing with gracious good deeds.

A playful dolphin, gliding through the ocean.
A little princess, waiting to grow up.
A smiley face with a constant radiant glow,
brimming with laughter and joy.
A Sanskrit prayer, mysterious yet soothing,
able to touch every aspect of mind, body and soul.
A heart so pure and true,
abounding with gentle compassion and everlasting love.

As one year drifts past,
Love only grows stronger,
Compassion soars, and
Depth and feeling embody.

The road of life may tumble and turn.
Yet the love I hold for you transcends time and space,
For all I know is that I will always love you!


More By  :  Sushma Raman

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