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Love – The Timeless Emotion

Time they say is the only
thing that does not change
with itself rest all changes with it.
The teacher, the preacher,
some one who is immortal
in this dying and decaying
world and to add to it, it's
again the only one which is
responsible for the creation
of one of the most delicate
yet strong emotion of the
world people call it, Love

Love as they say is the
epitome of perseverance,
which with stood all odds,
odds which can be singled
out just because of their
oddity and we often wonder
about the the common
thread which is responsible
for this perseverance and
again the answer comes
nothing but love which has
an inherent capability to be
in synch with time......

Thinking about those times
when we were together..
They were good and bad
too and we have passed
them sharing with each other.
Now we 've reached a point where these earthy matters
No longer matter.
The bond is so strong. Pure and trans.
It has transformed our souls
into spiritual entities
And in our world
the dimensions of Neotonic era
no longer stand valid.....
The fourth dimension rules
the roost and its called Time!!!!
Past was great as it was....
Then for a moment time
took a little pause....
Love sneaked in that moment..
And that moment froze..
up to eternity ..
Life as it is a complex question..
At times it forces me to stop for
a while., to look back in
retrospection and I see that very
frozen moment smiling on me
There is something which
has refused to move along
with time defying the norms
of life and its love,
because only love remains
the way it is...


More By  :  Dwarika Prasad Uniyal

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