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I Wanna Be Santa

I remembers when daddy use to play Santa
But something happened on a September Day
He might not be here to be Santa this year
He was a fireman and lost, you see
Loved to make the kids laugh
Especially the poor kids on the wrong side of town
They knew he would bring candy and gifts
He would wink, make them laugh
and say so many fun things
I wish upon the star
That he'll come back to us
But mommy just looks away
When I ask if today's the day
That Daddy will come back to us
She says he might be with us
If we look hard enough
Remember, she say's with tears in her eyes
How funny he was last year
I said yeah
Said I could be his little elf
I was old enough to go out with him this year
But I don't think he's gonna do it some how
So I'm gonna play Santa this year
I think if I put enough pillows on
The costume would fit
I could play the part
Like daddy use to
Say funny things
And be a merry Santa man
ho ho ho!
So if you see a miniature Santa this year
Don't laugh
It is a fireman's kid
Playing Santa Clause.


More By  :  Maria Reed-Shore

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